Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Succot March of the Nations

 On Thursday October 4th the annual March of the Nations was held in Jerusalem. My wife and I went a few years ago and enjoyed it so much we went again this year.

The march is part of an annual effort by the Christian embassy in Jerusalem to bring supporters of Israel from around the world to Jerusalem each year on Succot. This idea is based on the haftorah read on the first day of Succot which declares that in the future after the final wars have been fought between Israel and the nations, those nations that remain will come up to Jerusalem every year on Succot. This year more than ten thousand people from sixty countries participated. Many of the marchers were dressed in their native attire and thousand waved colorful flags, blew shofars and proclaimed their love and support of Israel.

Sometimes the media portrays Israel as being alone and isolated in the world and there is some truth to this. Yet we should not forget that there are lovers of Israel in countries around the world who are prepared to go to great lengths to show that support. 

So enjoy these pictures which show the exuberance and excitement of the March.

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