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Thursday, August 23, 2012

Rebbetzin Rachel's Alaska Cruise Blogging!

The trip so far is an amazing combination of viewing the wonders of the natural world and praising Hashem for the glorious creation and deep connections with the wonderful people who have been hosting and attending our teachings and Shabbat experience. Today as we were sailing at 25 knots out at sea after leaving Seattle we were in the lobby where they were playing a "name that tune game". We correctly identified Bob Dylan's - the answer my friend in blowin' in the wind" when I spotted a whale spout and then a fluke (whale tails) up in the air above the rippling silver ocean waves and then more spouts until there were 40-50 flukes dancing in the air. All the people in the lobby ran to the windows to ooh and aah, us included.
More to come soon!

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  1. How exciting...it sounds like the whales came out to greet you! In two weeks (G-d willing) I'll be into my sixth day of cruising Alaska. Can't wait!

    Judy K