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Monday, March 11, 2013

Pesach Egg Noodles!

Rebbetzin Rachel's Recipes...

Mix well:
1 egg 
1 C water 
2 T potato starch 
2 T matzo meal (or 2 T more potato starch for non-gebrochs) adjusting to have a thin batter depending on egg size. Add 1/2 t  salt 
1/4 t each black pepper & ground ginger (my little secret) to taste.  

Heat 1 T olive oil oil in frying pan, pour into batter, fry thin pancakes by pouring small amount of batter with a ladle into the hot pan and swirling the pan quickly to coat the bottom - cooking till the edges come away and slightly brown on the bottom. When you tip the pancake out of the pan onto paper towels you make this clickety clack sound which is part of our pre-Seder background percussion music. When cool enough to handle you have to taste a few just to make sure they came out all right, and with whatever is left roll up and slice for noodles. 
You can also fill the pancakes for blintzes! 

Chag Kasher V'Sameach!

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