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Thursday, July 21, 2011

Orchard of Delights

Last month I had the great privilege to publish my sixth book – Orchard of Delights: The Ohr Chadash Torah Commentary. This book is based on thirty years of notes I had kept from classes given and insights that came to me at various times. Many of the insights came to me on Shabbat and right afterwards I would jot them down. In most cases the nortes were very brief but just enough to remember the main points of my thoughts. The folder got larger and larger till three years ago I decided the time had come to compile them. It was a labor of love and the results are what I consider my “life’s work,” as it contains, more than any of my other books, my overall world view, philosophy of life and my essential understanding of the Torah. The initial response has been overwhelmingly positive and it gives me much strength to work as hard as possible that this book should find its way into the most homes as possible.

I now quote from the back cover:

One of the primary goals of this book is to demonstrate that the “stories” in the Torah are not merely one-time occurrences, temporal incidents undergone by specific individuals long ago. Rather these “stories” are archetypal in nature, reflecting various physical and spiritual energies ever- present in all aspects of reality and within each and every person. “Orchard of Delights” attempts at every juncture to translate the underlying meaning of the Torah into contemporary language, bridging secular knowledge and Torah wisdom.

There is no end to the depths of the Torah, no limit to the spiritual delights awaiting those who feast on the tantalizing fruits growing in her orchard. From the rational to the mystical, the ancient to the contemporary, her secrets are many.
I hope you will not only buy the book but will assist me in helping to spread the word. The cover and the layout of the book are particularly beautiful and unique which certainly adds to its great appeal. I am also keeping the price very low in order that the most people will be able to afford it. It is priced way below its market worth. The book is now available in Israel in book stores and in the next few weeks will be in stores throughout USA and Canada. It also can be purchased through our website: www.thetrugmans.com I would also welcome your feedback so please let me know your thoughts about the book or any of the ideas presented.

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