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Sunday, August 14, 2011

From Tisha B’Av to Tu B’Av

This Sunday night and Monday, August 14-15, is Tu B’Av, a day described by the Sages as one of the most joyful of the year. There are many historical reasons for this but there is no doubt that its prominence is connected to it being just a few days after Tisha B’Av, the “lowest” point of the Jewish calendar. Traditionally this was a day of rejoicing and the opportunity for men and women to come together in an atmosphere of holiness and joy, which then awakened a desire to find one’s soul mate. The following poem is written in that spirit. May all those still looking to get married merit to meet their soul mates soon and may those already married recommit and appreciate their life partners.
From Tisha B’Av to Tu B’Av

Moving beyond exile to redemption,
resurrecting death into life;
turning sackcloth into dancing,
transforming darkness into light.

Where just a few days before
we sat on the floor and cried;
history passing before our eyes,
a lament, a dirge,
an agonizing sigh.

But now the full moon is rising,
making silhouettes come alive;
the vineyards are filled with young dancers,
feel the energy electrified.

Each one looking, searching, hoping,
to create destiny out of fate;
praying deeply in their heart of hearts
to find their soul mates.

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