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Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Rebbetzin Rachel's Recipes for a Super Sweet Sukkot!

One of my neighbors told me her family didn’t like Tzimmes - a traditional sweet dish served at this season. Tzimmes in Yiddish means “a big deal” but this recipe is no big deal it’s actually easier than pie. She asked me if I had a twist on the old classic. This recipe was such a hit I just had to post it on our Ohr Chadash Blog!
Put a package of red turkey chunks (found in the frozen meat section of your local store - in Hebrew הודו אדום on top of some sliced onions and fill the pot with water up to half the height of the meat. Sprinkle on top some onion soup powder,sweet paprika and black pepper and let it steam on a very low fire for about an hour. Then add chunks of those wonderful vitamin A rich veggies such as pumpkin, carrots, butternut squash and sweet potatoes and a generous handful of pitted prunes and there it is. Let it all steam until tender. Add a tablespoon of honey a pinch of cinnamon a dash of Allspice known locally as English pepper פלפל אנגלי  (I guess the Middle Eastern pepper temperature tolerance is fiery hot as compared to the mild mannered and not so spicy Anglo). The sweet potatoes should break down and make delightful gravy; the meat should be so tender it just falls apart.  

Sweet Chag Sameach to ya’ll, LOL Rachel

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