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Sunday, April 1, 2012

Seder Night - A Poem from Seeds and Sparks

Yes my children -
I hear your questions
I too hear footsteps in the distance.
To the story of life
As it unfolds.

Once we were slaves,
Cried out in despair and God heard:
With an outstretched hand
Nature took another course,
Water turned to blood
And later seas turned on end
As we followed God faithfully
Into the desert of our own rebirth.

And now we have this holiday
To celebrate and remember,
To engrave once again
On our open hearts
That it was us who came out
And stood on the mountain and promised
To give over to the children
Of the future
The wonders of the past.

The collective unconscious
Running through our blood.
Upon the door post -
A reminder and a sign
To protect and pass over to generations
As yet born,
A promise delivered
But not yet fulfilled,
While between the lines
Of history and precedent
The story of our people
Defies logic
Battles conquerors
Lives on miracles and faith,
In new beginnings
Tragic endings
Sanctification and sacrifice on the alter
Of human destiny
To be free!
A light unto the nations
In a world of darkness
Where groping armies
Are still pursuing us -
Their wheels sinking in the sea.

But we light candles
And make it to the other side,
Where shining in the distance
Is the prophet of the future.
Elijah come drink!
Blow the shofar!
Herald a new beginning!
Redeem the first born!
And the last to be born
Before that fateful day
Will cry out from the weight
Of human bondage
And the misery of our self imposed doom.

But here at our Seder
The light of hope is shining bright
The bush is still burning
And is not consumed.


  1. What a beautiful reading. I intend on reading this at our Passover Seder table this Saturday night thank you sincerely Dr. Lawrence Paul Goodyear Arizona

  2. Thank you so much for the positive feedback!
    Hope you are having a wonderful and holy Pesach!