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Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Beautiful Northwest Country

Continuing escapades as the Trugmans roam through the beautiful northwest country. We spent a beautiful Shabbat at sea. Somehow among 3,000 people aboard us 150 Yidden were able to pull off a peaceful, calm Shabbat. Davening was replete with singing, dancing, learning and of course kosher feasting... We disembarked in Victoria, British Columbia on Saturday night and bid farewell to a whole group of new friends whom with we shared the beauty of Alaska and God's handiwork. In Victoria we were hosted by a wonderful family who directed us towards the highlights of this absolutely charming city on Vancouver Island. We saw deer roaming freely in the city, went to the world famous Butchard Gardens where we marveled at the most gorgeous gardens, and visited the oldest China Town in Canada. But most important was our teaching at Chabad where people were wide open to hearing about the Mystical Power of Music. Many people who rarely come to synagogue filled the Chabad center.
The next day we took the ferry to Vancouver, a bustling city surrounded by water everywhere and majestic mountains. Once again we presented the Mystical Power of Music through Chabad. This time to a group of young professionals, including a nice number of Israelis. My appreciation and awe for Chabad has grown tremendously these last few years as we continue to work with Chabad literally all over the world. The absolute love, commitment and meseirut nefesh of the Chabad shluchim is a shining example of everything good and wholesome and genuine about Torah. We began the evening by blowing shofar and explored with them the powerful energy of music from the atom to the galaxies, from the mind to the heart.

Next stop Chicago and big Shabbaton in South Bend. Indiana!

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