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Thursday, March 8, 2012

Revealing the Hidden

In innocence and fun
we put on masks,
so that we may reveal
who we really are.

Who would know?
Who could tell
that hiddenness reveals
that which revelation
has not yet shown;
where layers of veils
cannot hide
that which desires to be known.

And now,
as the rejoicing begins,
I become drunk
on God (and a lot of wine)
a fine time
to face oneself
eye to eye,
one on one,
in the mirror
of time -
which has now flown

Staring for a moment
into the abyss
and the void -
over the bridge
a bird
slowly above.
Lifting my eyes:
and soon
I am
the other side...

May we all have a joyous Purim and wonderfully peaceful Shabbat!

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