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Saturday, March 3, 2012

A Message to the Prime Minister of Israel

To the Honorable Prime Minister of Israel: Shalom u’vracha! We bless you with great success in your upcoming meeting with the President of the United States. The Alter Rebbe, the founder of the Chabad movement taught that we must “live with the times.” By this he meant that we should look into the weekly Torah portion and/or the closest upcoming holiday to receive insight into our own lives.

You are meeting with the President just a few days before Purim. The story of Purim happened in Persia which today is Iran. As is known Iran speaks about destroying Israel every chance it can, similar to the designs of Haman. In many ways the story of Purim is happening again in our own time and the genocidal tendencies are all too similar.

When Mordecai learns of Haman’s wicked designs he sends a message to Esther to go to the king and plead for the Jews. Esther tells him she cannot go to the king as she has not been invited. Mordecai answers: If you do not plead for the Jews salvation will come from another place but you will lose your chance to be the conduit of redemption…. Esther is convinced and of course salvation does come.

Mr. Prime Minister – the great weight of the Jewish people is upon your shoulders as you are probably most aware. We bless you with all our hearts to be able to say to the American President: We hope you will stand shoulder to shoulder with us but if not salvation will come from another place but you will be the biggest loser.

We bless you with strength and faith that salvation will come from another place, from the One who has always stood with us.


Avraham Arieh Trugman and friends from Mevo Modiin

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  1. Leftism has brought the enemy to our gates- blundered us into war

    Its agreed that everyone wants peace- but sadly after several decades of standing on our heads to make a deal with the PA, the left has blundered us into war- beginning with Begin and Sadat! Giving back Sinai was a disaster looking back in retrospect.

    NO ONE WANTS WAR. The Jews truly want to be left the hell alone. I have been called revolutionary by espousing the idea for human rights for all Jews. If that means annexation, and the taking back of Gaza and Sinai, and driving our enemies into Egypt, so be it. The right did not want this to happen, and the left may not have intended for this to happen, but here we are. Wanting to survive, with enemies stronger and more numerous than ever before.

    Is this being a war monger? Wanting to live where we choose, and not be expelled based on our religion?

    We Jews, everywhere, need new ideas, alternatives to the two state solution, to land for peace and to leftist appeasement.

    If Israel wants peace they must get rid of leftist ideology. Being on the left must be challenged as a being the "peace" movement- THE TRUTH IS: leftism promotes war.

    The time is now, to discredit the left and come up with an alternative plan. Please help me with this project. I am more than open minded, I am desperate to hear some other folks ideas.